Plain Poppadom (Fried)1

Mango Chutney 0.75

Mixed Pickle 0.75

Roasted Spicy Poppadom1

Mango Chutney 0.75

Mixed Pickle 0.75

Black Horse Mix Grill18

Assortment of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken wings, kebabs and lamb chops.

Black Horse Veggie Platter14

Stuffed mushrooms, onion bhaji, polle polle mogo, crispy potatoes and jalapeno poppers.

Mix and match up to 4 of your favourite dishes (half portions).


Barry’s Chicken Wings
Tandoori Wings
Chicken Tikka
Malai Tikka
Fish Pakora

Mogo (Cassava) Dry or Chilli Sauce
Crispy Potatoes
Stuffed Mushrooms
Paneer Tikka
Vegetable Pakora

A choice of the following with various herbs and mild spices, served on fried puri bread.




Barry’s Chicken Wings8.5

Chicken wings in a homemade secret sauce.

Chicken Tikka8.5

Chicken pieces, marinated in yogurt, mild spices grilled in the tandoor oven.

Chicken Shashlick9

Chicken pieces, marinated in yougurt, mild spices, charred onions, capsicum and tomatoes.

Tandoori Wings8.5

Chicken Wings marinated in yogurt and mild spices grilled in the tandoor oven.

Chilli Chicken9

Fried chicken in chilli sauce with mixed capsicums, onions, ginger and garlic.

Jeera Chicken8.5

Chicken pieces stir fried with cumin seeds, onions, ginger and mixed capsicums.

Chicken Pakora8.5

Dipped in a light chickpea batter boosted with mild spices and flash fried.

Malai Tikka8.5

Chicken pieces marinated in cream with mild spices grilled in the tandoor oven.

Sheekh Kebabs8.5

Minced lamb mixed with various spices and cooked in the tandoor.

Meat Samosas5

Mince lamb with mild spices fried in a savoury filling.

Lamb Chops10.5

Tender marinated lamb chops cooked to perfection in the tandoor.

Polle Polle Fish Tikka9.5

Tilapia marinated in Nico’s Polle Polle© spice mix, ginger, garlic and cooked in the tandoor.

Fish Pakora9

Tilapia dipped in a chikpea batter with mild spices and flash fried.

Chilli Garlic Prawns15

Queen prawns tossed in fresh garlic & homemade chilli sauce garnished with spring onions.

Chinese Chilli Paneer8.5

Paneer flash fried and mixed in homemade chilli sauce, capsicums and onion.

Chilli Garlic Mogo7.5

Fried mogo mixed in homemade chilli sauce with fine chopped onions, garlic and mixed capsicums.

Massala Chips4.5

Fries mixed in sweet and sour sauce with onions and mixed capsicums.

Paneer Shashlik9

Cured-cheese marinated in mild spices and yougurt and gently grilled in the tandoor with onions, capsicums and tomatoes.

Jalapeno Poppers5.5

Polle Polle Mogo (Cassava)7

Sprinkled with Nico’s Polle Polle© spice mix and a dash of lemon juice.

Vegetable Pakoras5.5

Spinach, potato, onions and peppers mixed in mild spices,gram flour and flash fried.

Stuffed Mushrooms6

Stuffed with subtle cured-cheese, potatoes and mild spices.

Vegetable Samosas4.5

Onion Bhaji4

Crispy Potatoes7

Palak Paneer Samosas6.5

Platter To Share12

Potato wedges, chicken goujons, onion rings, crispy breaded mushrooms and garlic bread.

Mozzarella And Pesto Panini9

Served with chips and coleslaw.

Roasted Vegetable And Wensleydale Bake12

In a wensleydale cheese sauce topped with paprika crumb and cheese.

Steak & Ale Pie8.5

Chunky steak with marston’s pedigree ale in thick gravy.
Served with chunky chips.

Fish & Chips12

Large beer battered cod fillet served with britsh peas, fresh lemon quarter, tartare sauce and chips.

Classic Beef Burger12

Home style burger made with 100% beef with cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes served with chunky chips.

Chicken Burger12.5

Chargrilled butterfly chicken breast with lettuce, onions and tomatoes served with chunky chips.

Chicken Wrap12

Charred chicken tikka from the tandoor wrapped in fresh naan bread with lettuce, onion, dressed in ketchup and mayo.
Served with chips.

Kebab Roll12

Sheekh kebab wrapped in fresh naan with lettuce, onion, dressed with ketchup and mayo. Served with chips.

Paneer Roll12

Paneer tikka diced and served in fresh naan with lettuce, onions, capsicums and dressed with ketchup and mayo.

Jacket Potato9

Cheese & beans.
Cheese & home made coleslaw.

Crispy Breaded Butterfly Prawns8.5

Beer Battered Onion Rings7

Breaded Chicken Goujons5


Sweet Potato Fries5


Add seasoning 0.5


Add seasoning 0.5

Cheesy Chips5

Garlic Bread3.5


Homemade Coleslaw1

[N] Contains Nuts

Dishes on the menu may have traces of nuts & sesame. If you have any food or drink allergies or intolerances, please speak to a member of our staff before placing your order.

[V] Suitable for Vegetarians