Sweet filled filo pastry treats served hot with vanilla ice cream 

Chocolate Fudge Cake4.45

Chocolate sponge layered and covered in fudge icing.
served warm with cream

With Ice Cream  6.2

White Chocolate And Raspberry Brulee Cheesecake4.65

Biscuit base topped with white chocolate cheesecake, with ripples of raspberry sauce, decorated with feathered raspberry glaze and a brulee finish. Served chilled with cream

Belgian Sweet Waffle5.95

Served warm with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup

Rolly Polly Pudding5.95

Rolled pudding with a strawberry jam filling served warm with custard

Premium ice Creams (2 Scoops)See Below

Gold Medal Vanilla  3.5
Belgian Chocolate  5.2
English Strawberry 3.5
Pistacchio Sicillia   5.2


Cotton soft cheese soaked in saffron and cardamom with a sweet creamy milk sauce.
Served chilled and sprinkled with pistachios

Gulab Jamun2.5

Deep fried dumpling flavoured with cardamom in sweet syrup Served warm and garnished with coconut flakes

With ice cream 3.5
With Brandy 5.2