At The Black Horse, the Pizza Jiko brings a new addition to the Koroga experience.

A traditional concept from Kenya, a jiko is a charcoal burning stove used for cooking found in many homes around Kenya and for the ultimate pizza experience the pizza jiko was made, which consists of tiers of coal and plates to cook homemade style pizzas using pizza sauce. The pizza dough is homemade aby our kitchen team ready for your Pizza Jiko experience and we have various toppings to choose from. A variety of toppings include vegetarian to chicken tikka or keema for the ultimate Kenyan, Indian and Italian tasting Pizza. As we've said before it is like travelling around the world with every bite. The pizzas are fresh, hot and delicious and ideal for starters before you kickstart the Koroga. It's all about the experience. Book Now!

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To make a Pizza Jiko booking alongside the Koroga

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What our customers think...

The pizza jiko is a fantastic addition to the Koroga and by creating your own pizza with the toppings of your choice makes this experience a memorable one. Our group that booked a koroga decided to try the pizza jiko at the last minute and the staff did all they could to accommodate for everyone. Highly recommended.

London, UK