Why is our Spice Mix so special?

At Nico's at The Black Horse, we recreated a special Spice Mix that we used back in Kenya when cooking meat and poultry. We loved the aromatic aromas and flavours so much that we wanted to share our unique flavour and cooking experience. This Original Spice Mix works well as a seasoning for most curries or simply as a marinade for poultry, meat or fish. Try our special Nico's Polle Polle Spice Mix available at The Black Horse.

*This is available for delivery only, alternatively you can pop in at any time during our opening times to buy a jar.

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What our customers think...

What a great spice mix! My wife and I cook a lot and we use this mix on pretty much every thing we use. We first discovered this spice mix whilst doing a Koraga and thought we would try it out, it is brilliant. Marinate it with some olive oil on fish and then pan fry. :)

Sachin Parmar

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